We're All a Little Bit Excited Today

For it's not everyday one closes on a house!

This morning, while Chloe was at school, Peggy and I put a lot of ink to paper and got keys to our new home. The house is in the same neighborhood as our current rental, just about 1/2 mile northwest (had we been in the new house in January, we would have the equivalent of 3rd row seats for the wildfire!)

We'll be moving as much stuff as we can ourselves via many carloads over the next 10 days, and then have movers coming on the 26th to take the big and/or heavy stuff up.

I know such an occasion would probably warrant a bigger write-up, but I thought I would let some video clips convey how excited we are.

Here are our first steps inside our new home after closing...

Chloe checks out our new home after school...

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!
    We're excited for you guys.