Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Even though we've been here a little under 3 years, it's been our experience that there aren't too many weekends in Boulder that are as fun as Memorial Day Weekend: bike racing, road running, street festivals and BBQs were all on the schedule over these last 3 days.

I had bike races on both Saturday and Sunday, a crit on the former and a road race on the latter. I came in 20th in the crit (out of 32 starters) which is a pretty pleasing result for me given that it was only my 1st crit in 2 years and that I was in the main pack up until the 2nd to last lap. As for the road race, I crossed the line in 35th place (out of 74 starters)... a so-so result as I was hoping for better.

We spent several hours on Sunday afternoon strolling through and enjoying both the Boulder Creek Festival and the BolderBoulder Fair, riding rides, checking out various booths, eating ice cream and enjoying the great weather.

Then on Monday morning, Chloe and I found ourselves among 54,000 or so others in the 33rd running of the BolderBoulder, a 10K race (for some) or run/walk (for many.) We were definitely in the second group, as were definitely more interested in the "fun" of the event versus the "fitness." Along the route there are bands (Blues Brothers and Elvis impersonators, for example), belly dancers and – Chloe's favorite – slip-n-slides. (You'll see in the picture below her hair looks wet; well, it isn't from sweat.) As we entered the CU Stadium together, Chloe began her sprint, I reacted and passed her, and she made a remarkable recovery to come back and tie me at the line (wink, wink). We both finished in 1:41:24.

(Pictures, from top to bottom: Chloe getting bungeed at the Boulder Creek Fest; me [red, white and blue kit] racing in the crit; another picture of Chloe on the bungee ride; Chloe at around 7K during the BolderBoulder.)

BolderBoulder pre launch


2nd Grade Alpha and Omega

Today is Chloe's last day of school, and it made me think back to where we were for Chloe's 1st day of school this school year, and what she had to wear for it. So below I've posted pictures from those two points in time. Compare and contrast at your leisure.


Spare Not A Hair

This morning Chloe and I participated in the "Give Hair With Care" fundraiser. I went with the straight razor shave again [insert "balding joke" here], and Chloe was quite adventurous and opted for a "pixie cut," losing about 8 inches of hair off the back.

Like last year, it was a great time spending time with the family, helping this worthwhile cause. This year, though, had the extra benefit of sharing the experience with Chloe in the chair next to me. Peggy and I are SO proud of her, and thankful for those who donated on Chloe's behalf.

Below are some before, during and after pictures.


It's Not Too Late to Help

I know there hasn't been a lot of fresh news posted here lately, but I do hope to improve on that in the weeks and months ahead. If nothing else, I'll try to post pictures of different activities and events.

So with that stated, let me also remind you that it's not too late to donate on Chloe's behalf for a fundraiser she and I are participating in this Sunday. To read more about it and/or donate, please follow this link.