73 minutes, 21 miles...

... and 0 squirrels. But plenty of huffing and puffing.

Today was my first on-bike experience since April 7th, and in terms of the collarbone, things went well: no discomfort during or after the ride. I made a pointed effort to stay on the flats, as significant descents would have me putting more weight on the collarbone.

The most noticeable change was in the cardiovascular conditioning area... wow, did THAT take a big hit. My heart rate was nearly maxed-out on what once were medium-efforts at best. I definitely got some rebuilding work to do in this area.

Heart rate issues aside, it felt great to be back on the bike. I still have yet to decide if I'll be racing again this season, so for now I'll be concentrating on getting out and doing what I can to regain some conditioning. (Picture: a warning sign I put on my bike.)

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