A Great Day for Ballgame... Let's Play Two!

FINALLY! Chloe and her Banana Bee mates caught a break from Mother Nature and had some absolutely gorgeous weather today to play some soccer. And thanks to some freakish snow last month, there were two games on today's slate.

The first game kicked off at 10:00a and not only yielded the first goal of the season for the BBs, it yielded the first multi-goal game for them as well! It was, by far, their best game of the season. Not just because of the goals, but because they were running up to the other team and trying to kick the ball away from them (vs. just running along side and watching the other team shoot on goal.) There's no official score, but it was the first game in which the girls were competitive.

The second game was to take place at 2:00p. But thanks to a meeting of the minds earlier this week between the coaches, a new start time of 12:15p was agreed to. So, after the 1st game ended, the BBs and their groupies hung around and had a picnic of sorts to bide time. There was no way the "groupies" (i.e. parents) were able to get their girls to sit still for an hour, so they ran around quite a bit. At around 12 noon, the other coach came over to see if we'd be OK with some revised rules; namely shorter halves, as his kids had just finished playing. There was no objection from us, for we've been sitting in the sun for 2+ hours.

Much like the first, the two teams were pretty evenly matched. The goal-scoring was much lower than earlier, which was partly due to both teams being a bit tired, and the grass being pretty high... it was tough to move the ball up or down the field, and any hard kick on goal was slowed quite a bit before it reached the goalie.

Chloe played great in both games. She definitely has a knack for playing goalie, and is definitely one of the faster girls on the field. Today she used some of that speed to both track down players on the other team, and break away on offense.

So, if the weather was so great, why no pictures? Yours truly had coaching duties today as head coach Brad was involved in a 12-hour single speed mountain bike race in SW Colorado. Perhaps next week I'll be able to take my camera.

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