A Kindergartner No More

Chloe spent her last day as Kindergartner today and wrapped up a fabulous first year of school.

Peggy and I are amazed at how much she was exposed to and accomplished these last 9 months... she did little research projects, spent a fair bit of time learning about Africa, has become a good reader, and developed a great group of friends. We couldn't be more pleased with how this worked out for her, and how well she performed.

And so now summer break is upon us. It's shaping up to be a pretty fun and busy summer – there's 5 week-long camps, visits from family and friends, a trip to San Diego, playdates galore, hopefully some hiking and camping, Frontier Days in Cheyenne, a glider ride for Chloe and I, and who knows what else.

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  1. Kurt and Peggy,
    I'm a little behind on the reading, but congrats on your new soon-to-be 1st grader. Since she's reading, my guess is that her bookshelf is more lined than Kurt's! Or at least they contain the same Dr. Seuss books....

    Glad you're off the hook on the payments.