On Your Mark... Get Set... Blow!

That was one of the phrases I heard today at Chloe's Spring Fun Day event at school. Think of it as a bunch of outdoor activities, some rather creative, put together buy the PE teacher; the above phrase was used in the "sailboat race" in which the participants provided the wind.

Some of the more creative activities Chloe and her friends participated in were:
- the wagon pull race: take a red Radio Flyer Wagon, attach a long rope to the handle, attach a pulley to a fence, and feed the rope through the pulley. Position the wagon 15 yards away from the pulley and pull on the rope as fast as you can.
- the caterpillar race: take a pretty large cardboard box and cut it, fashion it, and duct tape the living heck out of it so that one forms an approximately 12 foot circumference circle. Place the cardboard circle "on edge" and have two participants get inside and have them crawl as fast as they can (it kind of looks like a bulldozer track moving.)
- the penguin race: take an elasticy band (approx. 2 feet in diameter) and put your feet through the center. Position the band around your ankles. Angle your feet and toes out. Now run.

I had a great time watching Chloe. And based on the nearly constant smile on her face, I'll go out on a limb and say Chloe had a great time, too. Click here to view some pictures from the event.

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  1. Yes - it appears that she had a GREAT time! And, must mention, that I love the shirt!