Some More Banana Bee Action

This time there's photos!

The girls are definitely improving. They played the same team they played today a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty lopsided, particularly because one player on the other team has mad skills for a girl her age... dribbling around and through people, and taking hard and accurate shots from long range (well, long range for a Kindergartner.) Today, though, they were able to contain that player somewhat while at the same time get a goal or two for themselves.

As for Chloe, another great game in goal and on "defense." She made some great stops and put her boot on the ball to kick it away from the other team as they were coming down field. (Pictures: Chloe putting her hands and face in harm's way to make a stop, even outside the 6 box where such technicalities are overlooked at this level; Chloe getting ready to put the ball back in to play to one of her BB teammates.)

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