The (Seemingly) Frozen Tundra of East Boulder

Chloe's soccer season kicked off today after a 1 week delay due to snow covered fields last week. And while the flaky, white stuff was absent today, it was plenty cold enough. Cloudy, temps in the upper 30s and a slight breeze out of the East had players and parents bundled up aplenty.

Shaking off the elements, Chloe and her fellow Banana Bees (that's the team's name this season, story below) teammates put together a good game. Her team scored a goal (a rarity last season) and the various goalies made plenty of good saves. As for Chloe personally, she made a couple of great runs down the field with the ball when on "offense" and got in the way of the other teams several times when on "defense."

I hope to take some pictures at future games when the weather is more conducive to having hands exposed.

About the name...
At practice on Wednesday, Coach Brad was soliciting suggestions from the girls about what they wanted the team name to be this season. It became evident early on in this process that the girls were thinking up team names on the spot, and basing them off of either something they saw near the practice field, or some off-beat animal-and-color combo. Realizing this was going nowhere, Brad decided it was best to limit options, and took it upon himself to come up with a team name after seeing the color of the T-shirts the team would wear. So, this morning, after picking of the shirts and seeing they were a bright yellow, he offered up Banana Bees and it was warmly accepted.

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