More News for "No News"

Even though I just saw them a couple of hours ago, I had a talk with the orthopedist's office this afternoon. I wanted to talk to them about a concern I had about "waiting and seeing," namely, why go this route if the success rate is in doubt while there might be other avenues that eliminate a lot of doubt? (I'm not naive enough to think that there are absolutes in medicine, but I do feel that in my situation there are courses of action available other than maintaining the status quo with higher likelihoods of success.)

Anywho, the Nurse Practitioner I met and spoke with had a doctor in the practice take a look at my x-rays. From what he saw, he said the bone most likely won't heal properly if left to heal on its own. He also said it's possible there might be a 4th bone chip hovering around. If things were left to heal on their own, there would be a 50-60% chance that things would heal properly.

So, I'm heading back on Monday morning for a second look-see.

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