A Day with Picasso, Pissarro, Monet and friends

Today was the last day of a 5-day weekend for Chloe, so, wanting to do something different and get out of Boulder for a bit, we headed into Denver to go see what there is to be seen at the Denver Art Museum.

There were many impressive things about the museum (including its collection and its own architecture) but what really stood out to me – and what allowed us to spend about 5 hours there – were the various stations and activities within the collections aimed at keeping kids engaged. (We had been to the Art Museum back in Philly and I don't recall an it being as kid-friendly. Then again, there aren't any steps to run up here in Denver, so...)

When asked what she liked about the museum, Chloe said it was things like making the sculpture (see top photo, a New Guinean-esque sculpture) and the art bingo and the art stations and making the vests (see bottom photo, designing her own Native American vests.) As for me, I particularly enjoyed the Western American and American Indian exhibits.

We both, though, made some pretty inquisitive faces during our time amidst the Modern & Contemporary displays. The unofficially-named "Baby Doll in Crib with Toys Scattered on the Floor" and "Unhappy Baby Talking Whilst Laying in an Open Suitcase" were just of the many curious pieces. Believe you me, trying to explain those to Chloe wasn't easy, so I just said "What do you think of them?" and let it at that.

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