What a Difference a Day Makes

The skies over the foothills had a different look to them this morning, and not necessarily in a pleasing way like last night's sunset. Today, the ridgeline was less visible and covered in a blue-gray haze, and the smell of smoke was noticeable. After a quick peek at a local newspaper's website I learned that the haze and smell wasn't from a fire on the other side of the hill (thankfully); rather, from about 30 small fires in northwest Colorado's, about 150 miles away. (Apparently, local emergency dispatchers were getting flooded with calls thinking the fires were much closer.)

The day wasn't all gloomy, though. While running errands, I drove by a local home (see picture) that's a achieved local landmark status because it's exterior was used during the filming of a mildly popular late-70s/early-80s sitcom. If you can't figure out which one, here are 3 clues: Pam Dawber; rainbow suspenders; Orson.

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