One Giant Step

Today was Chloe's first day in Kindergarten, and man, was she excited about it! She woke up at 6:24a wanting to eat breakfast and get dressed and brush her teeth and... (From a parent's perspective, I found this refreshing not only because I'm glad she's looking forward to it, but also because it was the 1st time in a LONG time when she was ready EARLY!) We left the house a couple of minutes before 8:00a and walked 2 blocks to the bus stop. After a couple of minutes of waiting and meeting some neighborhood kids and parents, bus 514 came along, Chloe stepped on and started yet another new chapter — for her, for Peg and for me. (Pictures, top to bottom: Chloe modeling her "Apple Dress"; Peggy and Chloe at the bus stop; One Giant Step; and putting Day 1 in the books.)

First Day Recap
She got off the bus shortly after 3:00p and it's Peg
and my belief that we have one tired Kindergartener on our hands. Despite the barrage of questions, this is what we were able to get out of her — she did some arts and crafts, ate snack outside, had a lot of books read to her, sang 'hello' and 'goodbye' songs, and oh yeah, saw a dead fox on the sidewalk while riding the bus home.

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