1st Soccer Practice, and Sunset

Immediately after school today, I took Chloe to her 1st soccer practice. (It also happened to be my 1st practice as assistant coach, too.) Coincidentally, her team is an all-girl team in a co-ed league, so Brad (coach) and I are curious to see how that plays out once the games begin. From what I saw, I think the unnamed-as-of-yet team will fare well... I saw several girls willing to put their boot on the ball when someone else has it. As for team names, Brad took suggestions from the girls, and the choices thus far are: Lions, Tigers, Bears and Yellow Kangaroos. We have another practice next Wednesday, and the first game is September 6. I'll keep you posted.

While cleaning up the kitchen tonight, I happened to look out the window and into the foothills to see a very pretty sunset taking place. So I ran upstairs, grabbed the camera and went up the street a bit to get this unobstructed view. (click on the picture to see a larger version.)

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