"My (Dog's) Name is Earl" and the weather

I know I just wrote about Chamberlain, but I just had to post again about today's trip to the dog park. Before I go any further, though, which picture is a picture of Chamberlain and Earl? Only if you guessed "Both" would you be right. In the top picture, Earl is a Wheaton Terrier (foreground) and as you might suspect, isn't as keen as the Earl in the bottom picture of having Chamberlain on his lap.

Based on recent temperature observations, one could easily say "It's summertime." For example, yesterday's high was 91 degrees. And based on recent temperature forecasts, one could say "It's summertime in Boulder." Tomorrow's high is to be around 55 degrees, with possible snow flurries in higher elevations. I better tune up the skis!

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