Some news on Chamberlain

So far, the old boy is adjusting well to city life. Perhaps the biggest adjustment he had to make was getting used to the new size of his outdoor empire: he went from having about 2/3 of an acre to roam around to about 350 sq. ft. Thankfully, there's a dog park that's about a 7-10 minute walk away, so Chloe and I usually take him over there several times a week. Occasionally, he thinks he rules that, too, so it's fun to watch when another dog put's him in his place. We also take him with us to the neighborhood park and playground whenever we take Chloe there, and more often than not there are dogs there for him to play with. (Picture: Chloe filling the doggie fountain for Chamberlain at the dog park.)

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  1. Let's just hope our Boy Chamberlain does not decide to show the nice Mountain Lion who's boss - that would be bad.....I mean, he does have some killer ears, but otherwise, not sure he's got the goods....hope you all are well!!!