One Month in the Books

We know we're still in the honeymoon phase, but we've been here one month now and so far so good. Here are some observations thus far:
- Boulder is home to its fair share of prairie dog towns, Subarus and Obama supporters.
- Peg is enjoying the work from home lifestyle, and really loving having the "bonus" 2.5 hours per day, hours that used to be spent in traffic to and fro work.
- TV show start times aren't adjusted completely. That is, even though CO is 2 hours behind PA, prime time TV shows start just 1 hour earlier. So, shows that start at 8 o'clock in PA start at 7 here, and the local news is at 10.
- There aren't many mosquitoes here... we saw our first ones just 2 days ago.
- There are many hiking trails in the immediate area.
- Cars in select counties need to have emissions tests done, but not any kind of PA-style inspection.
- The mule deer here are just as acclimated to people as the white tails in Richboro. We've seen several walking through our neighborhood.
- We no longer own Chamberlain. We, well, read on...
- Boulder is known for being an "outdoorsy" town with a populace that likes endurance sports... there are MANY cyclists and runners. But if that isn't your cup of tea, there are other lofty pursuits available, namely paragliding, hot air ballooning and gliding. During my Saturday morning bike ride, I saw 7 hot air balloons aloft just East of town.
- Even though it's early September, there's already plenty of talk about the upcoming ski season. Some resorts open up mid- to late- November, and hope to stay open until early June 2009.

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  1. Kurt,

    With the new law re: Chamberlain, does this mean Peggy is no longer your owner but instead your guardian?