Beagle stuff

Chamberlain was due for a teeth cleaning, so Peg took him in this morning. For the uninitiated, getting a dog's teeth cleaned is not as simple as telling the dog to smile and then taking a Sonicare to the pearly whites. There's an IV, general anesthesia, morphine and, because Chamberlain has a heart murmur, an EKG involved.

Everything went well, and Peg picked him up in the afternoon. He was still pretty groggy and not stabilizing himself or focusing real well, but he was mobile. He was discharged with the usual care instructions -- limited food for several hours, not a lot of activity, etc. We were also given one warning from the vet: "Dogs who have had morphine administered earlier in the day sometimes wake up howling at night. If this happens to Chamberlain, it's nothing to worry about... he's not hurt or in pain. He's just coming down off his trip." We're hoping for a quiet night.

And while I'm on the topic of beagles, I thought I'd post this link that my brother sent to me. It's pretty amazing... but does give me pause as to why, given what that beagle can do, Chamberlain, well, makes the dietary choices he does sometimes.

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