The Birthday Boy

Chamberlain turns 11 (or 77) today!

The ol' boy is in pretty good shape for his age. He had a recent check-up at the vet, and the vet was very glad to see how he was doing... his weight is good (often a concern of beagles as they advance in years) and is showing pretty good mobility/flexibility (despite what the vet thinks are pretty screwed up rear knees... he thinks Chamberlain had two previously undiagnosed minor ligament tears in each leg!), and the leaky heart valve detected several months ago doesn't seem to be any worse.

We did, however, have to start Chamberlain on some anti-seizure medicine. He's had sporadic seizures for the last couple of years, so the vet said it was time to put him on phenobarbital to make sure the seizures don't become tragically worse.

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