The "Payback for 1812" Tour is a Go

About 3 weeks ago, Peggy was approached by her company's CEO about the possibility of her heading over to London (UK) this summer to help stabilize the company's office there — there had been some key staff departures, and there's a huge project in the balance. Many details of the offer were unknown, but we do know it included having Chloe and I join her. So we talked about it as a family over the following weekend, and decided to go ahead with it as long as certain conditions could be met.

Well, today we got final word that the conditions we proposed were not a problem, and that we should start planning our summer stay in London. Some details have yet to be finalized, like where exactly we'll be living (but that process has been started), but here's what we do know: Peg'll be leaving in early June, with Chloe and I following about 2 weeks later; we'll return to the Colonies in August about a week before Chloe's school starts; and we better get used to saying/hearing things like "knackered," "shed-yule," and "al-yu-min-yum."

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