Braving the Element

Game 2 of the Banana Bees season took place this morning, and in less than ideal conditions. The plentiful sunshine and blue skies were nice, but the wind... it was a-howling, and made for some very interesting game watching. The team that had the wind at their back could run well, but because of the nascent ball handling skills at this level, the wind-driven ball often took off away from them. Going in the other direction, the ball would more easily stay at the players' feet, but because they were running into the wind, it was easy for the other team to catch up. Suffice it to say, it was a low scoring affair.

As for Chloe, she played another good game. She was in goal when the BB had the wind at their back, so she saw little action. When out in the field, she made a couple of good runs towards goal, was trying to get open for a teammate to pass to her (something the team's been working on at practice) and took the ball away from the opposing team's players at times.

I hope to get pictures of her at her next game in 2 weeks.

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