Seeking Your Support

I'm participating in a charity event in a couple of weeks and would love your support.

The event is called "Give Hair With Care" and it's a fundraiser for a local NPO – There With Care – whose mission is to provide services for children and families facing critical illness in order to ease the burden of life’s day-to-day obligations during a medical crisis. Participants in the event have two options: one is to have x number of inches of hair cut off, and the other is to get one's head shaved. Since the former is for those with more than an inch of hair (hippies!), I'm going ahead with what's behind door #2. (Yes, I know... insert your joke here about my lack of hair to begin with... yadda, yadda, yadda.)

If you'd like to throw a little money towards this event and charity on my behalf, you can do so online by following this link.

Thanks! ~ Kurt

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