News of the Mostly Good Kind

Peggy and I had our 2nd parent teacher conference with Chloe's teacher this afternoon, and we were so pleased to hear that Chloe is doing really well in the "3 Rs." She's even being moved into an "accelerated reader" curriculum. (Some work, though, still needs to be done on the 4th R - running on of the mouth. It seems that Chloe still likes to chat things up with her classmates when she is done with her work and they are not done with theirs, causing some distraction.)

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  1. don't you love it? we just recently had Clare's, and got much of the same results. We heard via report card before the holidays that she needed to pay more attention and listen better in class, but she's absolutely taking off now. Reading way ahead of her classmates, soaking up everything that comes her way.. it's so much fun to see her engaging in all sorts of information. She even enjoys watching the Planet Earth series on Discovery HD with me at home, which makes me, well, almost as proud as watching her ski! She's daddy's girl all the way.
    Happy to hear Chloe is doing well, we really should get those two together again before too long... been to Chicago recently?