Peggy, Chloe, and Cocoa & Corduroy

Wanting to hit the slopes after a pretty busy business travel schedule, and to have some mother-daughter time together, Peggy picked Chloe up from school on Friday afternoon and made their way into the Rockies to do some day skiing at Beaver Creek on Saturday. (Yours truly stayed home to have some dad-dad time.) And they picked a good weekend to go... several inches of powder came down on Friday night, making for great conditions on Saturday.

So come Saturday morning, after getting some breakfast and taking the shuttle over to the resort area, the snow bunnies partook in a Beaver Creek custom: Cocoa and Corduroy. At the top of the one chair lift, there are resort employees standing there handing out small cups of hot cocoa to any and all who want some. The corduroy part of that custom comes from the fact the Beaver Creek is known for grooming the dickens out of their slopes, and the grooming machines make tiny corduroy-like ridges on the slopes. (Yes, Beaver Creek is a bit shi-shi. In fact, towards the end of the day, they have Cookies and Corduroy, but Peggy and Chloe missed that one.)

Another highlight of the day came when they were getting off the one chair lift and Chloe all of a sudden starts spitting out a little blood. (Just bare with me.) Peggy had no idea what was going on, until Chloe stopped in her tracks on the "exit ramp" and started yelling "My toof! My toof!" And there, in the snow, was Chloe's front tooth. It was the 4th one she lost, and it had been hanging on by a thread for a good week or so. A fellow skier who noticed them came along and gave Chloe a dollar!

Because they stayed locally the night before, the got an early jump on the skiing, which meant that by 2:30p, their legs were cooked. So they headed back East and met me at a local Boulder landmark - Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery - for some apres ski dinner.

(Pictures, top to bottom: The Snow Bunnies waiting for the resort shuttle; Chloe; Chloe playing in the powder; Chloe and her morning Cocoa; "The Shredder.")

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