Cake, Ice Cream, Eggs Benedict and Malt Liquor. Yup, It's a Birthday Party!

Today is Peg's Birthday!

"Which one?" you ask. Well, let's just say she's not 40. Yet.

"Why malt liquor?" you ask. A friend gave her a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor, but crossed out the "40" on the label and inscribed her age.

"Why Eggs Benedict?" you ask. Because when I asked Peggy what she wanted for dinner on her birthday, that was the response.

To celebrate this milestone, I organized a gathering of friends for a little surprise party at a local roller skating rink yesterday. Followed that up with some ice cream at a nearby DQ. And then, today, had the birthday dinner, cake and ice cream.

Happy 26th, Sweetie!


  1. Peggy-
    I think I might be 26 too, it's amazing how that works! But i may not be able to pull it off next year - you? I told Ann that the only thing i really want for my 40th is a helicopter skiing trip. I know, shoot for the moon why don't ya.
    But a boy can dream, right?
    BTW, commenting on blogspot on a Saturday night can only mean one thing.. the girls are out by themselves. It's just me, some PBR and some college basketball. ;-)