What a Weekend!

Skiing. Sledding. Snowmobiling. Swimming. Cross-country skiing. Ice skating.

These are the things some or all of us did this weekend with friends around Winter Park, CO. With Chloe not having school on Friday (teacher in-service), we were able to spend a 3-day weekend in the mountains with friends, Colorado-style. Here's the rough itinerary for each day: Wake up. Have a gut-busting breakfast. Spend a good bit of the day outside doing something. Come in for an awesome dinner. Hang out with friends for a while. Go to sleep. Then, to top it off, after returning to Boulder this afternoon, it was off to another friends' home for yet another awesome dinner!

Below are some pix and vid of this fabulous weekend. (Clicking on a picture enlarges it.)

Peggy and I after a day of skiing
at Winter Park.

No comment.

Peggy enjoying the aprรจs-ski.

Peggy and Kim celebrating a
successful day on the slopes.

Chloe making her way back
to the top of the sledding hill.
Nice views, eh?

Chloe and "The Blue Flash."

Views of the Continental Divide
from our cabin.

Another view of the Continental
Divide from our cabin.

Picture of Rollins Pass, taken
during snowmobile tour.

Carl, I and Jamie during
the snowmobile tour.

View of Winter Park
and Mary Jane

Some sledding videos...

Jamie and Carl snowmobiling

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