No Arachnophobia Here

It was a day off from school for Chloe, so after a very leisurely morning – but one where Peggy and I booked our Disneyland family vacation – Chloe and I spent the afternoon together out and about.

The first stop was lunch at Carrabba's (Thanks Howard and Kristin!). It was then off to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. We visited it back in June 2008 when we came out to Boulder one weekend to look for a place to live, and Chloe felt it was time to go back again to check it out.

To be sure, the butterflies (and moths) do play a prominent role in the business. And one can't help but walk through the "tropical pavilion" with a little smile on one's face as the guests of honor flutter all around. But as irony has it, perhaps the most famous resident of the Butterfly Pavilion isn't of the winged variety; instead, it's of the arachnid kind. The longest line, by far, was the one for whomever wanted to hold Rosie, the Chilean Rose Hair tarantula.

Chloe wouldn't get near her back in 2008, but was actually excited about having Rosie walk around on her hand this go-around (see picture.)

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