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Despite the recent spate of cycling posts, I'm not the only one doing some quasi-serious cardiovascular training.

Peggy's recovered quite well from her stress fractures from a couple of months ago and is in full-on training mode for the Colorado Half-Marathon in the beginning of May. Self-proclaimed as "America's Most Scenic Course," the route begins West of Fort Collins, CO and goes along the Poudre River canyon for most of it. And mercifully for the runners, it follows the river's downstream flow. The elevation loss isn't dramatic (about 350 feet over 13.1 miles), but as Peggy says "It's better than flat or uphill."

Then on Memorial Day, she'll be running the Bolder Boulder, a 10K here in town. We've heard this event is known for both things that happen both on the race course and along it. On the race course, there will be about 50,000 runners, ranging from world-class runners, to moms and dads with baby joggers. Along the race course there will be about 30 bands and other entertainers that are schedule by the organizers to help create a fun and festive time for runners and onlookers. And there are also the "unscheduled" attractions that apparently make this quite a fun time... past years have had belly dancers, slip-n-slides, and plenty of super soakers.

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