Mandarin and Minty Fresh

It's been awhile since I put anything up about Chamberlain. And chances are, the last time I did was probably well after his last bath. So this morning, the boy was due for a new scent... the accumulation of dog-funk over the last several months was getting to be a bit much.

I didn't have any luck finding his shampoo, so I delved into Peg's stash of little bottles of "spa" shampoos and lathered him up with Mandarin and Mint. He sat pretty well for the exercise, and not surprisingly, a lot of dirt and hair came out (I spared you a picture of the "ring" around the tub after I drained the water.)

While I thought it was worthwhile and not done with malice, Chamberlain apparently have revenge on his mind: shortly after I put him outside to shake himself dry, he began to roll around in the dirt and grass.

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