Kurt's Bike Trip in France - Pictures taken by Others

It took a while, but I went through the 900+ photos that were taken by others in my group and put them up on Picasa. They're roughly in chronological order, and are captioned.

To view them, visit this link. (There is the ability to view them in "slideshow" style... just look for the "slideshow" button in the upper-left.)

Also, the Alpe d'Huez and Mont Ventoux climbs had prospecting photographers along the route... they'd take your picture and then run up along side you and give you a business card (of sorts) that would direct you to their website and tell you how to find your pictures. Anywho, here are links to those sites:

Alpe d'Huez
- http://griffe7.phot-online.fr/album/362/2011-08-aout-august#photo_237199 (Put "M46680" in the Search box, hit Search, and my pictures begin with M46661)
- http://www.photobreton.com/consulter/Images.asp?LangueID=2&AllVars=DossierID%A7185325%A4AlbumID%A7186058&NumPage=32&fichierHighlight=3768689&NbreParPage=40&test=0,75# (my pictures begin with LT1A5434)

Mont Ventoux
- http://www.ventouxphoto.fr/gallery.php?gid=1524&page_num=13&sort_by=title&sort_order=ascending (my pictures begin with the image labeled "10h54-09.08.2011-398.jpg" at the bottom.)
- http://griffe7.phot-online.fr/album/9/4-le-mont-ventoux-2011#photo_246282 (Put "J38900" in the Search box, hit Search, and my pictures begin with J38895)

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