Kurt's Bike Trip in France - Part III

Latter Parts of August 3
I am pleased to report that my favorable view of French cuisine has been resuscitated (with this being only my 4th trip to the country, I know enough to say it is usually quite good, and know my dinner on the first night here to be an aberration.) The restaurant I chose served a wonderful dish of chicken in a creamy morel mushroom sauce, with a side of au gratin potatoes. It was de-lish. And filling, so I decided to pass on their tempting handmade desserts in order to walk some, and find a creperie to satisfy my sweet tooth. I eventually came to regret this decision, as the only creperie I found was closed, and had to settle for what apparently a lot of other French people were doing that time of night… getting their dessert from McDonalds. I had a McFlurry with bits of Kit Kat… not nearly as satisfying as the crepe with Nutella and banana that I had hoped for.

After that it was a short stroll back to the hotel, and lights out.

Early Parts of August 4
Awaking at 7:00, I was still a little full from last night’s chicken-morel-McFlurry smorgasbord, so delayed going down to breakfast for a bit. I instead turned on the TV to catch up what’s going on in the world… from what I hear, don’t plan any vacations to Syria right now, Congress has screwed over some FAA employees, Tiger Woods is playing golf again, Al Shabaab is essentially torturing Somalis by disrupting aid, there’s a storm heading towards the Caribbean, and the US has its first African American president. All very compelling stories in their own right.

After some primping, I made it down to the hotel’s breakfast. Say or think what you want about the French people, but any people that make Nutella available as part of their breakfast offerings can’t be completely bad, I feel.

I know I usually do these write-ups later in the day, but the “organized tour” part of my trip begins today… in a little over 2 hours actually. I’m not sure precisely what my free time will be like later today once it begins, so I figured I would get you good folks caught up with things while I had some free time. And just in case you’re interested in what lays in store for me, cycling-wise, over the next several days, here’s a link to my itinerary: http://www.rei.com/adventures/trips/europe/ecf.html

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