Revisiting an Earlier Post

Back in an August 2008 post, I posed the question, "Why is cycling in Pennsylvania better than cycling in Colorado?" The answer I gave at the time was "Because in Pennsylvania, you don't need cold weather gear when going on a ride in August!"

Well, I'm going to have to revise both question and answer.
Q: Why is cycling in Colorado better than cycling in Pennsylvania?
A: Because in Colorado, sometimes you don't have to wear any cold weather gear when going on a ride in January!

Presently in Boulder, it is 72 degrees. I got away with wearing "summer gear" for my ride earlier today. I never would have imagined being able to do that prior to moving out here. But, in fact, as I hear from neighbors and friends, it is not uncommon in winter for the Boulder area to experience a stretch of some very mild days.

This little gift from Mother Nature isn't expected to last though. The forecast is for one more day in the 60s, and then snow on Friday. Just in time for skiing on Saturday!

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