Christmas & New Year's Recap

All of the excitement from last week has passed, allowing me to a quick recap of what we were up to from late-December to early-January.

On the 30th, we got an early jump on the day as we needed to drop Chamberlain off at the "spa" before making our way to the airport to fly back East. For late December, it was a warm day (temps in the low 50s at 8a) but a particularly windy day. I didn't count how many, but I ran over several tumbleweeds on the way to the airport. The same winds that made the drive to the airport such a challenge proved to be pretty helpful once airborne — we took off about 25 minutes late, but the nice tailwind allowed us to land on time in Philly.

It was then up to the Lehigh Valley area to visit family and friends for the next several days. Some of the "friends" we had yet to see; namely, the 3 female beagle puppies from a litter born about 2.5 months ago. (Pictured to the right is Chloe holding TomBo Chloe's Princess.) Despite occasional pleas from some in our party, we came back to Colorado with the same number of dogs we went to Pennsylvania with. We did, however, come back to Colorado with well-founded hopes that we'll be getting more visitors out here in the months ahead... awesome! Come on out folks!

January 5th was notable for 2 reasons: 1) it was our last day visiting in PA for this trip, and 2) it was Peggy's last day of her "sabbatical." On the 6th, she became "Peggy Schrammel, Vice President - Registries and Post Approval Development, United BioSource Corporation." What's her job? I'm not 100% sure, but I think, based on the title, that part of it has something to do with helping soon-to-be-married couples pick out everyday stemware at Crate and Barrel.

On morning of the 7th, it was back to the routine for everyone: Peggy slapping the snooze once before going downstairs to get her cup of coffee and start work in her home office; me trying to dislodge Chloe from her bed so she can get moving and eventually/hopefully catch the bus; and Chamberlain following me around, anticipating a visit to the dog park.

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