Chloe's 6!

At 3:34p local time, Chloe joined the 6-year-old cohort. And none too soon, either... had she had to contain her excitement another day for her birthday, Peggy and I were afraid what might have happened to her!

When I went in to her room to wake her up this morning, she was already awake – wide awake – and practically bouncing off the walls. I made her a special breakfast of french toast, and after she got dressed for school, Peggy put a "Today's My B-Day" ribbon on her. It was then off to school where she was greeted by the birthday puppet "Hairy" in her enrichment program, and in her Kindergarten class, she read to her friends (as all classmates are called) the "My Life Story" photo-and-caption-book she created.

After school, it was back home to eat some cake, eat some more cake, and open up the gift we got her. Over the last week or so, she's been pining for a camera and a pogo stick. Seeing that we just got her a RipStick for Christmas, we thought there would be ample time for skinned knees and bruised limbs, so we got her a Disney digital camera.

The rest of the night was filled with ethereal blue dots in the eyes for Peggy and I as Chloe was taking pictures of practically everything and the auto-flash was turning on. And we got off lucky... due to the number of photos she took of Chamberlain, we can't imagine what the world was looking like to him. (Picture to the right: Chloe's Disney camera has the ability to include add-ons in the photos. Her favorite thus far is the crown. In addition to being "placed" on me, it's been on Chamberlain, the kitchen table, and a chandelier.)


  1. happy birthday chloe!! aunt linda

  2. Happy Birthday, Chloe!!!

    Does the camera come with a dunce cap option?