"Santa left presents under the tree!"

That's what Peggy and I awoke to this morning at a respectable 7:15a. So we made our way downstairs to watch Chloe unwrap what was given to her by Santa, Rudolph, Chamberlain, and Peggy and me.

As coincidence has it, the first thing she opened was THE thing she wanted Santa to bring her: the Bratz girls house and dolls. (An aside: Neither Peggy nor I saw a toy with SO many little pieces. Some were just a little bigger than the head of a matchstick. I have a feeling the vacuum cleaner is going to be nabbing some of them over the next couple of weeks.) In addition to the toys and games (e.g. Uno, a basketball, science kit, RipStick, to name a few) Peggy and I also made a point of making sure Chloe received "experiences." To that end, she got a trip to the Denver Nature and Science Museum, trips to the observatory at CU, and a 1-hour glider ride over Boulder (I'll be joining her for that one!)

To our delight, the weather was nice enough for us to go outside in the afternoon for a family walk to the neighborhood park to let both Chamberlain run around and Chloe get used to her RipStick. Afterwards, it was back to the house to make dinner (ham, fish, and green bean casserole) and dessert (raisin pie).

(Pictures, top to bottom: Chloe giving it a go on her RipStick; my raisin pie.)

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