Another Great Day on the Slopes

Even though the warm temperatures this weekend did a number on the snow in Boulder (we were down to bare grass by Sunday afternoon), they had less of an effect at Eldora, which sits at about 9,200 feet above sea level. And it certainly didn't lessen Chloe's excitement for taking another lesson, or Peg's for wanting to try out her new skis.

Chloe spent the entire day's lesson on the bunny slope and did another great job. Peggy and I watched her a little before lunch, and she was a little wobbly on the steeper part of the trail. But when I checked on her at the end of the day, she was managing her way down the entire trail without any assistance... quite an improvement in 4 hours! Chloe also had her first taste of riding the chair lift, which Peggy and I thought she would be excited to talk about. Nope... she was all excited to tell us about riding the local shuttle bus from the bunny slope to the lodge.

Peg's new ski/binding/boot combo worked out well, though her legs were a little tired from the run she did this morning. She'll be heading back up to Eldora later this week to take a lesson... can ya' tell she's enjoying her time off?

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