A Day of Fun Hodgepodge

Today was a good mix of fun things.
  • It started off by Peggy and I dropping Chloe off at church for the Christmas Pageant rehearsal... she's slated to be an angel (insert own joke here.)
  • While she was there, Peg and I did some different things - she went for a run along the Boulder Creek Path, and I returned a book and checked out a new one from the Boulder Public Library. (Yes, I actually read a book, Phil.) The one I read/returned was called "Trail of Tears" by Gloria Jahoda, and chronicled the forced migration of eastern Native American tribes to lands West of the Mississippi River. The one I checked out is called "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown.
  • After picking up Chloe from pageant rehearsal, we grabbed some lunch downtown, and then strapped on some ice skates for some fun family time on at a local outdoor rink.
  • After skating, Peg went to volunteer at a local food pantry, and Chloe and I stayed home to play Crazy 8s. (She's pretty good, actually. I'll teach her Texas Hold 'Em next.)
  • Upon Peg's return from the food pantry, I drove her and Chloe around to neighborhood friends so they could deliver some holiday cookies they made over the weekend.
(Pictures, top to bottom: Chloe and Peggy at the local ice rink; the juxtaposition of the banner with the nature of the store was too good to pass up.)

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