Report card time!

Chloe recently finished her 1st trimester in Kindergarten, and Peggy and I couldn't be happier with the report card she brought home.

Her school doesn't use A-B-C grades; rather, they report on a "progress scale" on certain broad-category standards, such as reading, writing, science, social studies, etc. For all of the standard categories, Chloe received either an "Excellent" for progress or "Good."

Then within each broad category, there are some more detailed achievement measures (e.g. for Writing, the teacher indicates Chloe's progress on 3 areas: writing and drawing to convey thoughts and meaning; printing in upper and lower case letters; and using letter/sound relationships to spell simple words.) Well, for all of these "more detailed" achievement areas, Chloe received either a 4 (advanced achievement) or 3 (proficient achievement).

The funniest achievement measure came in Music... she got a 3 (proficient achievement) for "Keeps a steady beat." Clearly, the music teacher hasn't seen the videos of Chloe I recently posted here!

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