Humor of the Economics/Tax/Political kind

Long story short, I was reconnected with a high school classmate of mine via Facebook (Holy Moly is that a time-killer site!) Anyway, we swapped blog addresses and I read his one post and HAD to point to it... I found it pretty funny, and hope you will too.

It's not something he authored; rather, it was something that has apparently made the e-mail rounds several times and in several iterations (so apologies if you have read it before.)

So, without further delay, read on.

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  1. Government is not a restaurant. Even if the math in the metaphor bore any resemblance to reality (it doesn't), the fundamental reason for government is to provide things that we're individually incapable of providing: nat'l defense, infrastructure, police. It's not there to sell us beer for a profit, as your parable suggests.