In a Rut

Because we missed it last year due to our time in the UK, we made sure we made it up to the elk rut in Rocky Mountain National Park this year.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as cooperative as two years ago, and some rain showers came along, darkened the skies and chased us into our car earlier than we had hoped and expected. We were able to get in a short hike with the friends that joined us, and did get to see – and hear – some of the male elk bugling, but Mother Nature did limit our time at the show. 

The elk rut wasn't the only show in town, though, as this weekend was probably "peak" for some leaf peeping... there were many aspen groves turning a brilliant gold in color. Their color was muted somewhat by the overcast skies, but the colors were still quite striking when contrasted against the evergreens that often surrounded them.

Some photos from our little excursion can be found here.

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