Fall, "Fizz" and The Fonz.

We used this weekend to visit our friends the Hankins in Illinois.  They're a family we met in 2004 -- we were both taking our nearly-1.5-year-old daughters over to France to catch some stages of Le Tour.  Anywho, we've kept in touch with them over the years and have had the occasional meet-ups too.  They've been to Colorado a couple of times, so the time for us to visit them in Illinois was well past-due.  There was a lot of general catching up, and hanging out and relaxing which I won't go into, but I did want to bring up 3 things that help with the alliteration of this post's title.

 - One of the first things Peggy and I noticed is how much we don't have the Fall colors coming from the maples and oaks here in Colorado... don't get me wrong, the aspens here are pretty spectacular, but there is a something nice about seeing the browns and reds and oranges.  And considering how many trees were on our around their lot, there was plenty of time for us to enjoy autumn's show.

 - On Saturday, they took us up to New Glarus, WI to check out the similarly named brewery that resides there, as well as the Swiss-based town itself.  Both were very enjoyable in their own right (and for their very different reasons.)

- On Sunday, because we were flying out of Milwaukee, they took us up several hours early to go explore that city.  While there were many cool things we saw -- the "safe house" restaurant with its secret doors and codes, the Discovery Museum, and Miller Field -- I think the highlight (at least for Peggy and I) was getting to see The Bronze Fonz.

Some pix from the weekend are found here.

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