Author! Author!

Peggy and I had the pleasure of attending Chloe's class's "Author Party" this afternoon. It was the culmination – and celebration – of several weeks of work for Chloe, in which she researched, wrote about and drew pictures of walking sticks, and compiled it all together in a low-tech bound book. The class was broken into small groups, allowing each student to read their book in turn to their small group of student and parent listeners.

Chloe did a great job reporting on the focus areas of the research... life cycle, appearance, needs, adaptations and "wow facts." And, looking at the book after her turn, Peggy and I noticed Chloe's spelling is progressing nicely as well.

The tour to promote and support the book begins next month, and includes a stop on Oprah.

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  1. A little hurt I wasn't asked to be a reference:

    They (walking sticks) look like a bunch of sticks that walk.

    PH, PhD