Let "The Summer of Peggy" Begin

Today was Peggy's last day of work at United BioSource Corp.

It had become clear to her over the last several months that it wasn't a good fit for her professionally, and that the only practical option for her was to submit her resignation and look for greener and happier pastures elsewhere. A lot of stock options and other incentives were there for the taking if she stayed, but other factors like day-to-day happiness and work/life balance won the day.

She doesn't have anything lined up right now, but the word has been spreading that Peggy is available and she's been getting calls and e-mails on a pretty regular basis from different companies, recruiters and former colleagues. Her not having a job lined up right away would be a scary thing in these economic times, but due to a clause in her initial contract with UBC, they have to pay her to "sit silently on the sidelines" for the next 3 months!

So, she'll have off for the next several months, and fully expects to have another job lined up by mid-June, and will get back to work in late-July.

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