New Rides

I was hoping to post this sooner -- holding out for better weather -- but ever since I wanted to, it's been either crazy cold (as mentioned in previous posts) or snowing (as witnessed in the first picture below... we got about 6" last night). Anywho, the "New Rides" title is referring to a new car for Peggy and I, and a new bike for Chloe for her birthday.

The car story: Our 2002 Ford Explorer was having some pretty ugly transmission problems, so rather than sink money into it again (we already gave it a new motor and rebuilt transmission a couple of years ago) we decided to say farewell to the car that took us on some pretty important trips... it got us from MA to PA, it carried Chloe home from the hospital after she was born, it got us from PA to CO, etc. Rather than trade the Explorer in, we decided to donate it to the local public radio station for them to sell it whole, parts it out or do whatever it is they do with donated autos. The day the towing company came to get it happened to be the same day our new car was available for pick-up, with that new car being a 2011 Lexus Hybrid SUV.

The bike story: Below is Chloe's new ride... a Gary Fisher kid's mountain bike. We sold her other bike before we left for the UK, knowing that since it was kinda small for her before we left, it would surely be small for her upon our return. And we promised her that once we did return, we would get her a new bike. So, on her birthday, we picked her up after school and took her to a bike shop here in town and let her pick out her new set of wheels.

(It's Super Bowl Sunday... did you REALLY think I wouldn't mention that?!?)

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