Send the Word Over There That the Yanks are Coming...

... and there's one on the scout team already there!

This is one of the few posts on this blog that is being written on the same day as the event, and is being written as Chloe and I sit in the British Airways lounge awaiting our flight to London to join Peggy who's been there for a bit over 2 weeks already. (We're getting a kick out of the accent we're hearing in the lounge, and we've been immersed for less than 45 minutes, and in "the colonies" no less.)

The next several weeks are sure to be quite an experience for all of us... even Chamberlain, who despite staying stateside, will surely be spoiled rotten by the woman taking care of him whilst (see, it's catching on!) we're away. We'll surely see a fair bit of London, but have plans to be in Paris for the last stage of the Tour de France (Peg had to twist my arm for that trip!), and it looks like Chloe and I will join Peggy on business trips to Geneva and Cologne. We also hope to catch a match at Wimbledon and are looking to take a trip over 4th of July weekend to Edinburgh (we were thinking about hosting a 4th of July cookout for some of Peg's coworkers and friends we have here as a slight nose-thumb to the monarchy!)

Well, pip pip cheerio, al-you-min-yum, shed-yule, bloody (noun), and all that jazz... more to come from the island.

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