Blinded Us With Science

Chloe I spent a good portion of the afternoon checking out the displays, exhibits, movies and whatnot at London's Science Museum.

We arrived right before the IMAX movie "Deep Sea 3D" was about to begin, so bought tickets and rushed to the queue. And were so glad we did. It was amazing in many respects... the filming, the little stories told, the 3D effect, etc. There are no plot twists to report here, of course, but if you have the opportunity to see it, we'd recommend you do so.

After the movie, we explored the Space exhibit, the Flight exhibit, the chronology of technological invention, and the "Who Am I?" interactive exhibit which touched on genetics, psychology, nature/nurture, health, etc. We probably spent a good hour doing many of the available interactive exhibits in this section of the museum.

And tomorrow, maybe a trip to a theatre of a different kind...

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