Not quite "Blink, and You'll Miss It." But Close.

While Chloe was at a friend's birthday party, Peggy and I joined some neighbors in downtown Boulder to watch what is proclaimed as the "World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade." Prior to going down, I wasn't sure if by "shortest" they meant time or distance. After going down, I could see an argument for both. It was 2 blocks long. And lasted about 30 minutes, and that included a lot of "dead time" between parade participants. But what a blast we had during those 30 minutes!

It had some things that you'd expect in a St. Patrick's Day parade... Irish dance troupes, bag pipe bands, a person in a "pint of Guinness" costume, fire trucks, etc. But what made this parade so fun to watch were the "special" entrants... the Thursday Night (Bike) Cruisers and their decked-out bikes, the Irish Wolfhounds, and the "Paddy O'Furniture Drill Team." To best explain this last one, visit this link and watch the video in it, and wait until the 3:10 mark.

A quick aside: if you watch the video, you might notice that the blue skies I wrote about in yesterday's blog post can't be seen. Well, the dynamic Boulder weather is to blame... it started flurrying during the parade!

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