Another Season Kicks Off

Under clear blue skies, and with snow-capped peaks as the backdrop, the Banana Bees kicked off another season this morning. It's the same squad as last season -- I think it's been the same group for 3 straight seasons now -- plus one more girl, so the familiarity factor is pretty good.

We arrived at the field early so Chloe and her teammates could get in a little practice before the game -- the regularly scheduled practice on Wednesday was canceled due to snow. After Coach Brad put them through some some warm-up drills, it was time to play some soccer.

Right from the get-go, the Bees looked good... dribbling the ball (instead of booting it long and chasing), and kicking the ball away from the opposing team (instead of running along side of them as they go down the field.) I think all parents hope those things continue for the next several weeks!

As for Chloe, she had a really good game. She played goalie for a spell, but didn't need to make a save as the all the action was at the other end of the field (yup... a bit of a lopsided affair. No score is kept, but I do know that one of The Bees had a hat trick.) When she was out in the field, she wasn't afraid to put her boot in the mix to get the ball or take it away from an opposing player, and she scored a goal!

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