Faster. Higher. Stronger. Or something like that.

This afternoon was the Fall Fun Days at Chloe's school, which essentially translates into an afternoon of fun and games in the school yard. (You may recall there was something similar in the spring when she was in Kindergarten.)

Pictures will tell more of the story about what the event is about, and how Chloe enjoyed it, so without further ado...

Doing the "javelin" toss.

During the bouncy ball race.

At the bean bag toss game.

Pulling her way through the rope-pulley-wagon race.

Her hurdling still needs some work.

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  1. Love te hair doo on the bouncy ball. Gees that girl really gets into it!

    ..."Chloe. Cool girl. A girl barely 5 feet tall. Friends we can rebuild her. We have the technology.....