A Second 1st

Today was Chloe's second "1st day of school," kicking off her stint as a 1st grader. The feedback we were able to get out her once she got off the bus indicate that things went well (except for the bee sting on the playground.) About an hour after getting home and relaxing for a bit, we found out why feedback was limited... we had a tired – and napping – 1st grader on our hands. We let her go until 5 o'clock, at which time we woke her up to take her to a celebratory dinner at her favorite restaurant... Applebee's.

(Pictures, top-left and clockwise: Chloe and I in front of the house before heading to the bus stop; Chloe beginning her journey as a 1st grader; Peggy and Chloe celebrating the happy end to a first day; Chloe getting off the bus.)


  1. Great pictures! Congratulations to Chloe!

  2. Aww. Love the first day outfit. Was she concerned about first grade? She looks so cute!! Congrats little big girl.