Lemonade Aid

This morning Chloe and Peggy were able to check-off one of the things on Chloe's to-do list for the summer: put up a lemonade stand and raise money for local families in need. This was a project Chloe wanted to do for some time, and thanks to a free weekend as well as a cool lemonade stand given to her by her Aunt Diane, she was finally able to do it. So, with signs, chairs, lemonade stand, umbrella and a large cooler full of lemonade loaded in the car, they headed down to a local intersection at 9 this morning to entice runners, walkers, cyclists, drivers and all manner of passers-by for the next 3 hours.

And entice they did.

The report from Peggy was that there was a pretty steady stream of folks stopping by, many of them coming back to the stand after having seen it earlier on their run/walk/ride/drive, when they didn't have any money on them. One woman was driving along with her mother, who was visiting from Peru. The mother was curious as to what was going on, so the woman told her. The mother was amazed, so the woman stopped and bought some lemonade for herself and her mom. And when she learned the proceeds were going to a local NPO, the woman was amazed, and couldn't wait to pass that information along to her mom.

Shortly after noon, they broke down the stand and headed home to find out how much they raised. Once all the coins and bills were counted, the realized they raised $31.45.

Way to go Chloe and Peggy!

The Lemonade Ladies

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